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Grow wisely.

Whether you need cash for new equipment, a delivery van, inventory, office space, or building repairs, a Term Loan from BTCU can help you reach your long-term goals.

A Term Loan is a lump-sum distribution that has a payback period over a specified amount of time. We will work with you to structure a Term Loan that will match your debt repayment to your business cash flow, which is key to the success of your long-term plans.

We offer fixed or variable rates and flexible terms to help your business grow wisely through:

> equipment purchases
> facility expansions
> vehicle purchases
> asset acquisition such as furniture or fixtures

For more information, contact Jay Stevens at 763.255.2614 or click the link below to have us contact you.


Please review the Documentation Required for Business Loans and click below to apply today.

BTCU is an Equal Opportunity Lender.