Scholarship Winners

08/01/21 / BTCU

scholarships available

The application process is now closed for our 2021 Scholarship applicants! Winners will be notified! Our winners are below:

(5) $1,000.00 Winners:

-Isiah Dilley

-Daniel Devlin

-Stephanie Rodgers

-Jacob Rainerson

-Michael Heddle

(20) $250.00 Winners:

-Justin Danley

-Cyrus Haugland

-Dominic Fernlund

-Max Reyes

-Keith Billman

-John Kirchner

-Marshall Tate

-Mariah Kenney

-Colton Falkman

-Kevin Tuerk

-Samuel Turner

-Drew Nelson

-Michelle Pike

-Anthony Guzman

-Blake Rands

-Ticha Achu

-Julie Krocak

-Christine Fitzer

-Kyle Scherber

-Clint Cornelius


Congratulations from BTCU!